About us

Country Services Pest Control operates in Hampshire, Surrrey, Berkshire, West Sussex and beyond.  Country Services is a family run business that has provided a comprehensive, effective and discreet service to households and businesses across the South of England since 1987.

Our Pest Control Team

We understand your concerns about inviting strangers onto your property and are very discriminating when recruiting our technicians.  We employ a staff of dedicated professionals who are all polite, friendly and highly trained.

Our expert care will give you the reassurance and piece of mind that you need, we are fully insured for all aspects of the work we undertake and we can supply any number of excellent references.

Using Our Website

Our website is designed to help you to help yourself wherever it is safe and appropriate to do so, and to help you decide when it is time to call in the professionals. You will find information on all common pest species and on a range of products and services. We provide a unique and growing library of articles written by one of our directors, zoologist Pippa Mattinson, which covers a range of problems experienced by our own customers.

Our training courses

Country Services offer a range of training courses and opportunities for gardeners, householders and business owners to learn how to deal with their own simple pest problems safely

Company information

Country Services is a Limited Company.

You can find our contact details here.

Our VAT registration no. is 459 694 582

Our registered address is as follows:

Maxwell and Company Ltd., 10 St Georges Yard, Farnham, Surrey.

The best in professional pest control

At Country Services we all take a pride in keeping abreast of the latest developments in pest control, constantly improving our friendly and efficient service, and maintaining our excellent reputation. We welcome the growth of concern from the public regarding the use of chemicals, and have a policy of using the minimum quantities of pesticide necessary for effective control. Where possible and practicable we will always use a non-chemical approach.

For the very best in Professional Pest Control you can call us now on 01428 714031

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